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POLLY PAYNE - Horacio Printing

1. What sparked the idea for your dream?

Horacio Printing, came from a deep need within myself to stop wasting my time and start taking action for my dreams. I was reading The Artisan Soul” by Erwin McManus, and it really inspired me to take control of my life and start looking at my time on earth as a gift and as a work of art. I knew if I was going to follow through with my dreams, I needed a tool and that is how our first planner was born!

2. What was/is the most difficult part of pursuing your dream?

At first it was creating the time. My life was so full and my time was not being spent well. It took a lot of redesigning to make room to grow my business. Now I think the most difficult part is financial planning.  As a small business owner, it all comes back to you, good or bad. You get advice from a hundred different people, and it’s hard to keep track of everything. I want to make sure I am being a diligent steward of my resources, and finances have never been my strong suit.

3. What steps have you taken to achieve your goals and dreams?

I have quit my day job where I was making well over six figures and now I am my own boss! It really is a dream come true.

4. When did you know that your dream was God’s will?

When I started working on the first iteration of the planner, I felt God reveal to me that He was going to take my talents and turn them into a ministry. I was so overwhelmed with His presence in the midst of my mess. There was no turning back.

5. Did your dream change as your relationship with God grew, or did your dream grow with the relationship?

My dream has changed and grown dramatically. God kept showing me lessons and tools to use that would help people. Every year I create new exercises inside the planner that help cultivate our heart. God keeps revealing new dreams and we have recently opened up our first warehouse!  I never thought in a million years I would have a warehouse where we do shipping and fulfillment.

6. Do you think that your journey of pursuing your dream has strengthened your relationship with God?

Absolutely. There is so much more trust that happens in small business ownership. When God says yes, and things don’t make sense, your faith is stretched. I felt deep responsibility to stay and remain in His presence daily in order to be a light. That habit of daily Bible reading and prayer has 100% reshaped my life and all my relationships.

7. Did/do you have a mentor or role model who has helped you achieve your goals?

I look up to many people. I love reading books and listening to Christine Caine and Erwin McManus. I attended a business master course with Tony Robbins, where I got a personal coach, this was integral in my road to being my own boss. My friends and family are so supportive. My husband has held my hand through it all, and I have great friends that hold me accountable to the dreams and visions I hear from God.

8. What advice would you give to someone who is looking to pursue their dreams?

Write daily, learn daily and surround yourself with encouraging people that are for you. You have to take inventory of your time. I would recommend this sermon by Bill Hybel. Your schedule will determine who you become both personally and professionally. You have to schedule it and show up! It’s important to remind yourself how INCREDIBLY lucky you are to have free will to pursue your dreams. It’s an absolute luxury. Life is a gift.

9. What would you consider as your biggest accomplishment since you began the journey of pursuing your dream?

I would say becoming my own boss and donating $24,000 to to fight human trafficking. But… THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

10. Where do you think your dream will have taken you in the next 5-10 years?

I want to build a family. I want to create a work/life balance where I am present with my family and the Horacio Printing community. I want to see people actualize their dreams through planning, preparing and faith through the ministry of Horacio Printing. I also see our company being a catalyst of job opportunities for at risk women who are ready to start fresh and create a new life for themselves and their family.

- Polly 

Thank you Polly for sharing how God has led you every step of the way as you took the leap of faith to start Horacio. We are grateful for the encouragement and advice that you've shared and we are praying blessing upon blessing as you continue to grow with Jesus on this journey.

If you would like to know more about Horacio Printing, Polly or how you can buy her products we have linked all the social accounts and their website below. 


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