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Modesty is a mindset. It is a desire that comes from within to value your self worth beyond what you wear. It is a gift from the Lord that requires a disciplined and obedient heart that longs to follow Jesus more and more.

When I was growing up, I spent most of my years attending a private school that required us to wear uniforms to school. But during that time, I was never taught the hidden value behind why we wore them. A majority of the time I just assumed it was to keep everyone on the same level as far as clothing went. But even with uniforms, our skirts had to be a certain length and we still followed a dress code.

Over time, I became a strong advocate and voice for the freedom girls should have when choosing what they wore. I was tired of society placing women in a box with a million rules we had to follow. There were stories all over the internet on girls being sent home from school because their outfits were too “distracting” to the opposite gender. Articles like that only fueled my anger towards dress codes even more. I remember my sophomore year giving a speech centered around the idea that girls should not be reprimanded for what they wore. I argued that it was not our fault society chooses to pervert us in any way they can. In fact, I even argued it was the male population that needed to reevaluate their mindset and learn to control their thoughts regardless of what a girl was wearing.

During that time I still clung to my faith and proclaimed that I was a believer. I still witnessed to people I knew and served at church. I prayed with and for people and read my Bible to learn more about what God had in store for my life. But as time went on, I was introduced to the idea of modesty and what that looks like for a Christian girl. I met Allie Shirley founder and CEO of Marque Modest Apparel at the end of my junior year. And Jesus was preparing a story and transformation that I would not have imagined in my wildest dreams.

The real change in heart I had was when I was approached by the truth that Jesus values me. Jesus created me and loves me so much that He died for me. He chose to save a sinner like me so that I can be with Him for eternity. But more than that, Jesus wants me to honor myself. You see, Jesus values me and because He does, He wants others to see me for that same value. I want to live a life honorable to Christ and the biggest way to do that starts with honoring Him with what I wear. Ladies, it is not about fighting a world that tries so hard to limit the freedom of women’s rights. It about learning to love ourselves before seeking the approval and attention that comes from others. It is about learning and grasping the truth that We are valued beyond what we wear.

Modesty is not only about covering up to protect the thoughts of others. It is about learning to value our bodies in a Godly way.

You have to ask yourself, “Does this outfit seek the approval of God, or of man” and for me, that was the change I made in my heart. I love fashion more than I probably should, but I have learned to see my self worth the way Jesus sees me. And it has rocked my world.

I am so proud and excited to be apart of this movement because there are too many girls that have the mindset I once had. I am so thankful that Jesus put Allie in my life to change my heart on modesty. There are too many girls that are not being taught that the clothes they put on send messages, whether they are good or bad. There are too many girls that proclaim the gospel with their mouths but not their bodies and not their clothes. I was once caught up in a mindset that I thought gave me freedom over my clothes. But once I fully grasped that my body belongs to Christ, I changed the way I dressed.

By taking on this new mindset, I have already seen so many changes in my own life. Everyday, I am reminded to seek and honor God with what I wear. And by doing that, I started to seek and honor God with what I say, and how I live my life. It is my goal to spread awareness to girls my age that they are loved. And because they are loved by Jesus, they will learn to love themselves and honor themselves. Proverbs 4:23 says, “Guard your heart, for whatever you do flows from it”. If more and more girls learn to guard their heart with modesty, their actions will reflect Jesus more and more.

Modesty is a mindset. It is a calling that we all have both biblically and spiritually. Modesty is a way to draw closer to Christ. I want to cling to Jesus more and more and my way of doing that is speaking truth to how modesty WILL change lives. If you actively show the love of Jesus to others, you want people to look at you and see a CLEAR representation of Jesus in not only your words, but also in your appearance.

So ask yourself, “ Is what I am wearing reflecting Christ?”.

I am so thankful I made this change in my life, and I promise it will rock your world the way it did mine.

- Marisa Mukherjee