Hope Cards

Hope Cards


What are Hope Cards? 

Hope cards were created to encourage believers to share their faith on a daily basis with the people God puts in their path. They were created to push us out of our comfort zones and into what God has called us to in sharing the Good News. 


Why buy Hope Cards? 

You should buy a pack of Hope Cards so that you too can join Jesus and the body of Christ on this journey of sharing the Good News with a hurting world. No, you don't need a card to do that but we believe these cards can be the start of you boldly sharing your faith daily. 


How to use Hope Cards?

We would encourage you to keep these cards on you at all times. Keep them in your purse or wallet so that you can leave one for someone to find, hand one to a stranger or even to a friend who may need the encouragement. There are countless possibilities with what God can do through just a simple 3x3 card. 


We would LOVE to have you JOIN US on this journey of telling the world that Jesus Loves Them and that They Matter. Share your Hope Card stories with us by tagging us at #storyofhope or #shopmarquemodest


Our Hope Cards come in sets of 25 and are 3x3 in dimension. If you would like to place a custom order please contact us through our contact page HERE or email us at info@marquemodestapparel.com

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